March 30, 2020

How AI could help in the fight against COVID-19

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How AI could help in the fight against COVID-19

by: Allen Bernard
March 30, 2020

From developing drug treatments to predicting the next hotspot, artificial intelligence may help researchers, healthcare workers, and everyday people offset the impact of the coronavirus.

As the worldwide fight against coronavirus COVID-19 continues, companies and governments around the world are pulling out all the stops in an effort to stave off the pandemic's worst impacts. One tool in that toolbox that might prove particularly useful is artificial intelligence (AI). Even though AI has been around since the 1960s, it's only been in the past few years that its adoption outside of science labs and research institutions has really taken off.


Diagnostics is also an area where AI can prove very helpful. Medical imaging companies are working on AI-based algorithms that can diagnose COVID-19 from CT scans and X-rays.

ElectrifAi, a developer of machine learning products for multiple industries, is one of many companies that are developing ways to detect and track COVID-19 in the lungs of affected patients by applying machine learning, a more advanced form of AI, to CT scans. The company said it is "working around the clock" collecting anonymized CT scans from healthcare experts around the world to train and optimize its models.

ElectrifAi is asking medical professionals who are interested in their project to get in contact with them directly.

"This is an important step for understanding the underlying impact of the illness, its progress and development, and provides medical professionals with another tool to relieve the strain they are facing on a daily basis," said Edward Scott, ElectrifAi's CEO.

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