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Revenue Cycle-AI

Revenue Cycle AI is a SaaS based, predictive analytic solution that uses machine learning algorithms to find missing charges and present them in a prioritized manner.

Key Features

Pattern-based System to identify hidden patterns and detect missing-charges


Web-based app.
No IT hurdles

Seamless integration with existing system
(IE. Epic, Meditech)

3 - 4

Week Implementation

Reviews 100% of patient invoices

Prioritizes Accounts with highest potential return to maximize auditor productivity

Easy to use UI to maximize Auditor productivity

Learns and adjusts automatically from Auditor feedback

Up to 1% of net missing outpatient revenue is captured with high precision

Client Impact

The Challenge

ElectrifAI partnered with one of the nation’s largest health system with $4B in net revenues to streamline the charge reconciliation process and identify potential areas of opportunity. The health system processed millions of claims annually. The existing rules-based system was insufficient and resource intensive resulting in low findings, high false positives, and high resource cost. As a result, the health system was missing millions of dollars in net revenue due to missed charges and coding errors.

The Solution

ElectrifAI worked with health system’s revenue integrity team to implement the Revenue Cycle AI solution to,

  • Apply predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to learn from complex charging patterns and identify missed-charges at account level for both hospital and professional charges
  • Integrate with variety of EMR systems in different regions (fully automated process)
  • Leverage feedback models to learn from auditors’ responses and make predictions “smarter”

The Value

Health System Size




  • 100% of outpatient accounts analyzed through automated pre-bill and post bill process
  • Identified top departments/areas with systemic gaps in charge capture e.g. Injection/Infusions, EKG, surgery, implants & medical devices

Process Overview



Daily / Weekly Feed

Patient Demographics

Hospital procedures and charges

Professional charges

Physician information

Payer information



Identifies patterns using advanced algorithms and predicts missing charges

Utilize sophisticated algorithm to integrate disparate data from hospital and physician systems

Prioritizes predictions using payer contract data and historical payments data


Web-based Application

Hospital Platform
Physician Platform

Intuitive user interface and web-based work flow enables efficient account review and improve auditor productivity


Account Correction

Automatic batch process to add confirmed missing charges directly in the financial system

Process Improvement

Automatic batch process to add confirmed missing charges directly in the financial system

Continuous Learning

Machine learns from audit results and hospital specific policies to improve prediction accuracy


Procurement AI

ElectrifAi Procurement AI next-level solutions helps organizations capture new opportunities that would otherwise be impossible including cost reduction, process improvement, contract compliance, risk mitigation, and working capital optimization.


Goes beyond traditional spend analytics to provide faster, more accurate visibility into spend

  • Tailored insights
  • Opportunity detection
  • Recommended actions


Rapidly uncovers hidden opportunities and risks buried within the text of contract documents

  • Works seamlessly with any contract repository
  • Find and extract critical insights, like
    • Missed volume discounts
    • Unknown auto-renewals
    • Payment terms
    • Termination for convenience
  • Compare contracts for riskiness against standard terms or regulatory mandates


Custom developed analytics, such as:

  • Category-specific analytics
  • Invoice fraud detection
  • Predictive models around pricing and buyer behavior


Analyzes a wide range of processes to:

  • Pinpoint inefficient processes
  • Identify non-compliant behavior
  • Identify early payments, missed discounts, and suppliers with multiple payment terms
  • Reduce maverick spend
  • Decrease contract approval cycle time



The solution provides institutional asset managers a holistic, systematic way to evaluate a manager or a portfolio of managers.

Portfolio-AI is designed for

  • Pension Funds
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Hedge Funds

Product Features

ElectrifAi’s Portfolio-AI is a next generation investment management solution that enhances an investor’s ability to make informed portfolio and allocation decisions and allows investment teams to focus on alpha-generating activities.

Every day, portfolio managers use dozens of internal and external data sources, making it near impossible to make well informed real-time decisions about positions, risk exposure and returns across assets classes.

Product Features

Portfolio Intelligence

  • Performance analytics and attribution including insights to understand drivers of performance
  • Trade timing effectiveness
  • Risk, scenario, headline event and exposure analysis
  • Offset/overlap positions across managers for a holistic view of exposures
  • Rules and alerts engine to eliminate manual oversights

Custom Portfolio Analysis

  • Sensitivity of custom portfolios to factors and risks
  • Portfolio diversification analysis
  • Ability to include prospective managers

Compliance and Research

  • Transparency provided at desired level to meet increasingly required compliance mandates
  • Access to market research and trends including benchmarks returns, factor performance, average correlation, dispersion
  • Track, document, and share notes on managers with colleagues



ElectrifAi’s Brand AI enables brands to capitalize on the power of AI/ML and customer intelligence layer to deliver compelling and disruptive brand experiences that grow and deepen intimacy with target customers. Our solution focuses on brand and demand management, omni-channel marketing optimization and customer experience effectiveness acceleration.

Client Impact

The Challenge

ElectrifAi partnered with a top 3 wireless service provider in the U.S. The wireless provider had insufficient insights into their customer base. While they had plenty of disparate customer data overall, they held no actual knowledge of personas, needs or trigger points. Their teams worked on rule base customer segmentation and targeting with no real measured impact for campaigns, as well as multiple teams reaching out to customers with different messages.

The Solution

ElectrifAi deployed and scaled an AI driven solution to 70+ million subscribers within 6 months. To begin, we established a new analytics workflow that prepared and transformed data, as an automated process for longitudinal views of customers, including Customer Demographics, Account Information, Device Information, Equipment Installment Plans, Customer Care Memo Logs, Payments and Usage.

We also enabled a data driven customer segmentation, insights into customer needs and predictive insights on the campaign pipeline. Our model used advanced ML to predict and optimize the following:

  • Residual Lifetime Value
  • Network/Coverage Experience and Satisfaction
  • Aspirational Value and Headroom
  • Propensity to churn
  • Propensity to add additional lines
  • Propensity to upgrade to a new device
  • Propensity to add a feature
  • Propensity to upgrade to a new rate plan

The Value

Wireless Provider Size




in Incremental Annual Revenues

  • $70M through incremental lines added
  • $50M in incremental revenue through rate plan / feature upgrade campaigns
  • $10M from churn saves

Always Learning: System learns from each and every interaction (call center, campaign outreach, etc.) with the customer to further refine the next best action recommendations.

Personalized targeting capabilities.

Dynamic test & learn capabilities to generate insights and adjust hypothesis.

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