Drive revenue, reduce cost, mitigate risks through machine learning

Turn your data into a strategic weapon in 6-8 weeks
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5 X
supplier compression
annual incremental revenue

ElectrifAi is all about
the Last Mile Ai

High value, domain-specific business solutions powered by Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision that
  • Drive revenue growth,
  • Reduce costs and risks, and
  • Improve operational efficiency
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Rapid Time to Value in 6-8 Weeks
Avoid data complexity, talent scarcity, and platform dependency
Lower Costs of Data Science by 10X
Buy vs. build. Faster, better, cheaper. Less cost, less risk
Transparency and Explainability
Responsible AI to mitigate risks with fairness and trust in the model
Accelerate data transformation with ML-enhanced ETL pipelines
Work with unstructured, structured & scattered data. Improve large data coverage with speed and accuracy

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Solutions with pre-built ML models to drive business outcomes in 6-8 weeks

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