Drive revenue, reduce cost, mitigate risks through machine learning

Turn your data into a strategic weapon in 6-8 weeks
Learn about Driving IT Procurement Success In 2022 And Beyond from Edward Scott, CEO at ProcureCon IT Sourcing keynote panel
5 X
supplier compression
annual incremental revenue

ElectrifAi is all about
the Last Mile Ai

From enabling technologies to
Last Mile Ai = High Value, domain-specific business outcomes
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Rapid Time to Value in 6-8 Weeks
Avoid data complexity, talent scarcity, and platform dependency
Lower Costs of Data Science by 10X
Lower manual interventions, faster go-live, deploy on any cloud
Reduce Risk and Dependency
Get started with tested, domain-specific, pre-built models
Accelerate data transformation with ML-enhanced ETL pipelines
Work with unstructured, structured & scattered data. Improve large data coverage with speed and accuracy.

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