The Enterprise CX Playbook

Your CX company doesn’t have #MachineLearning—we do. Finally turn your data into real financial outcomes with ElectrifAi.

Today’s digital landscape provides more touchpoints and channels with significantly more data than ever before. But for many organizations, the potential of a data-driven strategy is quickly outweighed by its challenges.

A substantial number of internal Ai projects fail, sometimes as high as 90%!

Integrating disparate data is no small feat. Not surprisingly, critical intelligence often sits stagnant in silos, separated from other data required to meaningfully connect the dots. Without complete data, a full customer view is impossible. As such, forming a path from Marketing through Sales and Service is an uphill battle at best.

We’re living in an era where Ai has the potential to transform CX analysis, enabling both customer-specific recommendations and real-time action in stores, online and in local markets. The status quo approach to data merely scratches the surface.

Read the playbook to learn more about ElectrifAi’s approach to giving insights on how to connect your data to a great financial outcome. See how we make it easier for you, or inquire about a customized demo to see results Machine Learning can deliver.