Major Communications Provider Partners with ElectrifAi for Rigorous Spend Analysis

More than a decade ago, a major communications provider recognized the need for rigorous spend analysis. Problems with extra expenses and no clear path to spend reduction, difficulties in maintaining supply chain relationships, and ways to manage limited resources.

To combat those challenges, the company partnered with ElectrifAi.

ElectrifAi exceeded the client’s expectations and solved critical problems. SpendAi is not just another data management program. With actionable insights provided through a customizable and dynamic dashboard, the client was able to achieve their goals.

For the past decade, this company has been transforming its supply chain with SpendAi. Check out the case study to find out more!

“I can’t imagine not having ElectrifAi. It would be absolute chaos without it. It’s just part of the fabric of what we do and we use it for every decision because it’s based on data.” -Director of Global Sourcing and Indirect Procurement