Helping a Fruit Grower and Juice Manufacturer Achieve Data Autonomy to Actively Manage Indirect Spend

Fruit Grower and Juice Manufacturer has its hands, and cranberries, in more than 1,000 products in over 100 countries, representing 700 grower families. To understand its direct and indirect spending, it needed a centralized procurement solution that could look at more than 20 offices and gather data from five different systems.

Without knowledge of system-wide spending, it would be difficult for Fruit Grower and Juice Manufacturer to optimized decisions, reduce costs, and unify procurement actions.

ElectrifAi was brought on board to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning innovations that could extract massive amounts of disparate data from various sources. Capturing structured and unstructured data and then turning it into business insights required a system that could automate and operate at speeds beyond what professionals can do on their own.

When Data Matters Most

Our initial work with Fruit Grower and Juice Manufacturer focused on combining data from multiple tools and locations, categorizing it, and optimizing it for analysis. We established best practices and procedures for data capture and cleaning to deliver what procurement needed.

Within the first six weeks, ElectrifAi was able to provide Fruit Grower and Juice Manufacturer with insights for cost reduction and procurement consolidation. Early support focused on product opportunities, such as noting purchases of more than 200 distinct types of gloves, which could be narrowed or consolidated to generate savings across its manufacturing locations.

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