Helping a Cruise Line Improve Booking Performance with Ai/ML Marketing

Successful cruise lines are always looking for new customers and innovating product offers and marketing messages to increase booking conversion rates. However, each new market or offering requires an understanding of regional nuances, customer preferences, and pricing needs. Learning this data and using it for marketing at scale can be overwhelming without the right mix of predictive marketing analytics and optimization.

To address this issue, ElectrifAi worked with one cruise line to leverage Ai and Machine Learning to offer data science for marketers at scale, in a platform that delivered precise business intelligence.

Establishing Customer DNA

The AttentionAi suite used existing first- and third-party data to build a more robust marketing strategy, identify new opportunities, focus campaigns, and improve conversions. Digital marketing analytics empowered the cruise line to leverage existing multi-channel strategies and better reach target customers while personalizing offers at scale.

ElectrifAi’s layered Ai and ML intelligence approach generated:

  • 97% increase in bookings through direct mail optimization
  • 63% increase in booking through email optimization
  • 55% increase in total website visits
  • 65% improved marketing performance versus previous campaigns
  • Smarter opt-out models to reduce email saturation and unsubscribing

Creating Long-Term Success Planning

By working together, we were able to deploy Big Data marketing without losing the human touch that consumers demand in this space. Digital marketing analytics were custom created and deployed to capitalize on this price-conscious segment that comes with precise demands and geographic preferences.

Integration with CRM established an ongoing pipeline for marketing, while ELT and smart customer matching technology removed barriers to managing data. Our early efforts dramatically reduced risks related to expansion, and they created marketing knowledge that could serve as a basis for future growth.

Preparing for What’s Next

By being a partner for six years, ElectrifAi has been able to support broad client efforts for improving marketing through analytics and supporting a disparate tech stack. Layering Ai and ML intelligence ensured that client-specific marketing goals were met, predictive marketing supported upcoming campaigns, and Ai/ML models could be adapted to new markets as the company expanded.

ElectrifAi provided practical solutions for the cruise line to predict, plan for, and embrace their next opportunity.

Read the full case study to learn more about ElectrifAi’s approach to defining client segments, customer journey mapping, and companies can leverage digital marketing analytics to understand better and meet customer preferences. Or reach out for a personalized demo to understand how practical Ai can yield dramatic results.