February 5, 2020

Making Practical AI Available to Channel and Alliance Partners

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Feb. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ElectrifAi, a global leader in practical artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) products, today announced the launch of its global alliances program. The program offers practical AI solutions and capabilities to new channel and alliance partners.

Led by its new CEO, Edward Scott, ElectrifAi made a critical pivot to deliver its AI platform through a SaaS delivery model, opening the door to the creation of a channel program. This new model not only scales faster, but also leverages crucial value-add data from its partners to help end customers solve critical business problems. And vice versa - existing and future channel and alliance partners have products they can now integrate into applications and offerings to tackle new projects or streamline existing solutions for their users. ElectrifAi's practical AI and ML products include ProcurementAi, ContractAi, WorkforceAi, ImageAi and RevenueAi.

While a channel strategy unlocks new market opportunities, ElectrifAi's program is laser focused on finding the right partners. These companies have a firm grasp of AI applications and opportunities within their own businesses. But, most crucially, they understand how to explain the value of these technologies to those who may have been burned with previous, failed AI deployments or have avoided the technology altogether. The objective is that every player adds value to each other and ultimately, the end user.

To this end, ElectrifAi has joined the NVIDIA Inception program, which nurtures cutting-edge AI startups that are revolutionizing industries. NVIDIA Inception is a virtual accelerator that offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, exclusive Inception events, preferred pricing on hardware, and more.

Page Wiggins, a 30-year industry veteran, has led the creation of the program as its SVP responsible for global partners and channel. He reports directly to the CEO. In the three short months Wiggins has been in his role, he has already onboarded half a dozen new partners.

"We're excited to have someone of Page's caliber on the executive team," said Scott. "Our partner program is rapidly expanding to serve our verticals, helping our partners avoid false starts and empty promises when it comes to AI investments with our practical, proven solutions. Page is a seasoned pro with a proven history of building successful partnerships and deep knowledge of machine learning. We're excited to see how he will continue to help us build much needed trust and credibility among our partners, and ultimately help them do the same with their customers."

To learn more about the global alliances program and ElectrifAi, visit ElectrifAi.net.

About ElectrifAi

ElectrifAi is a global leader in building innovative artificial intelligence-based products and is on a mission to help organizations change the way they work through machine learning: driving profit improvement, performance and risk reduction. Founded in 2004, the company draws on 15 years of industry leadership, a global team of domain experts, and a proven record of transforming structured and unstructured data at scale. The company's AI-based products reach across business functions, systems, and teams to drive superior results in record time with over 100+ data scientists, 50+ software engineers and a proven record of dealing with over 2,000 customer implementations. At the heart of ElectrifAi's mission is a commitment to making AI more understandable, accessible and profitable for businesses across industries—and all over the globe. ElectrifAi is headquartered in Jersey City, with offices located in San Diego, Shanghai and New Delhi.

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