April 14, 2021

Learn About ElectrifAi's Pre-Built Machine Learning Models in New Emerj Podcast

The AI Consulting Podcast
· Off the Shelf, or Custom Built? Finding the Best AI Fit for Clients - with ElectrifAi CTO Luming Wang

Today's guest is Luming Wang, CTO of ElectrifAi, a company that offers pre-trained AI models. Luming has held many lofty technology roles for companies in the US, like Microsoft, Amazon, and Uber. Luming provides some great insights today into how to guide clients to the best possible solution for them, how to pair up a client's opportunity and a client's problem with the right kind of AI tool that is well suited for their problem. Is this something we can use a pre-trained/off-the-shelf solution for, or is it something that needs to be custom-built? Interested in more frameworks for matching opportunities to AI opportunities, conveying the ROI of AI, and also being able to determine the right services mix to bring to market?

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