May 6, 2021

Blue Prism Expands Digital Exchange to Include ElectrifAi as Technology Alliance Partners

SHANGHAI, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Prism®, a global leader in intelligent automation, has announced the expansion of its Digital Exchange (DX) platform in the Greater China region to help accelerate customers' digital transformation plans. The Blue Prism DX is an online marketplace that hosts best of breed pre-built artificial intelligence skills, connectors and functions from Blue Prism and its Technology Alliance Partners, which make it easier for users to access, import and accelerate their automation deployments in a more streamlined way.

Businesses in China are increasingly looking to develop and integrate intelligent automation solutions to boost their productivity, agility, and competitive edge. However, building these capabilities can be cumbersome and resource-intensive. In response, Blue Prism has built its DX platform to be a "one-stop-shop" that helps customers start deploying advanced capabilities in a simple and user-friendly way. It also includes a private version of the marketplace for customers with rigorous security demands.

Through the Blue Prism DX platform, users can access over 500 intelligent automation solutions from over 100 active partners within China and globally, including Huawei, Baidu, Glority Technology, ElectrifAi, Doubleyard, Pintec, CCI and many others. Together, this online community provides users with a range of pre-built artificial intelligence capabilities that they can easily download and start using. These capabilities include, but are not limited to, computer vision, chatbot technology, natural language processing, machine learning modelling and facial recognition.

"Adding new partners to our Digital Exchange platform in the Greater China region means that Blue Prism customers will have access to a truly global marketplace of intelligent automation capabilities, which are essential to businesses' digital transformation plans," says Alson Ong, Blue Prism's Greater China President. "Our growing partner ecosystem allows businesses from all industries – from financial services to insurance to telecommunications and manufacturing – to collaborate in a secure and meaningful way."

Head of China, Strategic Head of Machine Learning Models, ElectrifAi, Xian Sun, says: "being part of Blue Prism's Digital Exchange has provided us with the opportunity to be part of a global ecosystem of extremely innovative businesses, while also enabling us to reach a wider customer base with our pre-built machine learning model solutions targeting critical industries such as banking, financial services and insurance, travel, manufacturing, healthcare and consumer/retail. Blue Prism has fostered a collaborative digital marketplace that benefits both partners and customers, and we look forward to growing our partnership with Blue Prism."

About Blue Prism

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, transforming the way work is done. At Blue Prism, we have users in over 170 countries in more than 2,000 businesses, including Global 2000 and public sector organizations, that are creating value with new ways of working, unlocking efficiencies, and returning millions of hours of work back into their businesses. Our digital workforce is smart, secure, scalable and accessible to all; freeing up humans to re-imagine work. To learn more visit www.blueprism.com and follow us on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn.

About ElectrifAi

ElectrifAi is a global leader in business-ready machine learning models. ElectrifAi's mission is to help organizations change the way they work through machine learning: driving revenue uplift, cost reduction as well as profit and performance improvement.

Founded in 2004, ElectrifAi boasts seasoned industry leadership, a global team of domain experts, and a proven record of transforming structured and unstructured data at scale. A large library of Ai-based products reaches across business functions, data systems, and teams to drive superior results in record time.

ElectrifAi has approximately 200 data scientists, software engineers and employees with a proven record of dealing with over 2,000 customer implementations, mostly for Fortune 500companies. At the heart of ElectrifAi's mission is a commitment to making Ai and machine learning more understandable, practical and profitable for businesses and industries across the globe. ElectrifAi is headquartered in New Jersey, with offices located in Shanghai and New Delhi. To learn more visit www.electrifAi.net and follow us on Twitter @ElectrifAi and on LinkedIn.

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Source: Blue Prism

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