Generated $15m+ in incremental revenue and recovered $10m+ in lost premiums annually

The client is a leading Asian financial institution providing insurance, banking, and investment products to over 150M customers in Asia. They wanted to better understand and serve their customers through digital channels as part of an Integrated Finance + Internet strategy. Without a single view of each customer across multiple and diverse business units, delivering superior service, personalized upsell and cross-sell efforts proved difficult.
ElectrifAi’s CustomerAi platform consolidated data for millions of customers from customer profiles, claim records, loan applications, investment records, call logs, and internet activity into demographic and psychographic profiles. CustomerAi generated 2000+ descriptive and 60+ predictive features for each customer as output from the platform, following identity resolution. Additionally, a customer contact information recovery solution was implemented to recover lost customers for renewal.
in incremental revenue generated annually
in lost premiums recovered annually
descriptive, 60+ predictive features for each customer
ElectrifAi’s solution helped generate an incremental revenue of $15M annually through the use of data. Time to implementation improved by 83% with customer visibility. $10M of lost revenue was recovered in premiums annually.