July 8, 2021

The ATOM Podcast with Luming Wang, CTO of ElectrifAi

ElectrifAi CTO, Luming Wang, shares his illustrious background with listeners on The Atom Podcast, Season 1, Episode 8, with host Olly Thompson.

The Atom Podcast is “was created so that CTOs and CEOs within the world of finance could leverage ideas from others in their industry, to help them develop and grow. It was created for technologists both within the financial services industry, as well as those away from it that want to learn more about the challenges and exciting projects that you can get exposure to.”[1]

Previous episodes of The Atom Podcast have focused on a single topic with successful CTOs and CEOs. Luming has such an interesting and long career, however, that Season 1, Episode 8 deep dives into his background and how he has helped technology evolve. From Business Intelligence and Big Data to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Luming has been at the helm of some very impressive projects at world-renowned companies.

Full of personal anecdotes, Luming discusses how he has helped make advanced technology easy to use, understand, and generate profit. Customers get value of out his work and satisfaction is increased, while companies profit from reduced churn and increased market share.

Luming has worked at Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, Millennium, amongst others, before using his experience to help ElectrifAi achieve the goal of becoming the world’s Machine Learning Model Factory. Luming is working on great things at ElectrifAi and helping customers gain insights that solve real business problems.

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  • Luming spent many years as a BI expert helping Microsoft create a revolutionary product which led to various acquisitions.
  • He went to Amazon to help them on the Contribution Profit team and helped them generate more impressive numbers for PNL using Big Data.
  • Shifting to machine learning, Luming went back to Microsoft to work on the Bing Project, data mining, predicting how much Microsoft would sell of the Microsoft Surface 4, and more.
  • At Uber, he created their Deep Learning platform in 3 months, which made a huge impact to Uber’s success. He then onboarded many data scientists to evolve that platform and continue the Deep Learning insights.
  • Changing industry, Luming went to work for the hedge fund Millennium to help with data challenges and gain insights to improve dataset processes. His work allowed the revenue generating Portfolio Managers able to easily understand the data and increase profit.
  • Luming joined ElectrifAi to help build machine learning models that solve challenging business problems for customers by leveraging many years of domain knowledge and expertise. ElectrifAi provides time-to-value, delivering solutions in weeks not months, risks of implementing machine learning is immensely lowered, and ROI is greatly increased.

[1] https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-atom-podcast/about/

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