September 17, 2021

OXIO will use ElectrifAi’s Machine Learning models to Personalize Phone Plan Rates

Connectivity is very important in today’s remote culture. As a result, most people have cell phones. But phone payments can be very high. That’s because most phone plans are contracted through one of the Top 3 Telecom Service Providers and, while rates are competitive, are still very expensive… especially for people who don’t use their phone often.

But what if we were to tell you there is another option? One that gives you options for how much you want to pay depending on how often you use your phone?

ElectrifAi has teamed up with OXIO to provide personalized phone plans for customers. People who only use their phone sparingly, people who talk nonstop, or those in the middle. After a one-week free trial… yes, free… OXIO will estimate your usage and present you with an offer.

But how accurate could that offer possibly be after only a week?

OXIO designed a dynamic way of charging people. To make sure that doesn’t backfire and make people pay more through uncertain predictions, OXIO approaches this technique in a very data driven way. And the way to make great data driven decisions is through machine learning.

ElectrifAi has a lot of experience in the Telecom industry, and we have applied that domain expertise to boost OXIO’s ability to accurately predict a person’s phone usage. ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning model, Initial Rate Plan Assignment, was built using that past work to get OXIO to market faster and give them an edge over the competition.

This pre-built machine learning model was deployed on the Amazon SageMaker Marketplace (AWS) to enable OXIO to have easy access to the model.

Our machine learning solutions dig into the many complex behaviors a user would have over the week on their phone. Moving forward based on what others have done, we can predict customers will consume so many resources; therefore, the cheapest plan for them would be X, Y, or Z.

Analysts can estimate phone usage but not close to the degree of accuracy machines can.

OXIO wants you to get the right plan the first time and, recognizing machine learning is much more accurate at predicting usage, sought ElectrifAi’s proven and sophisticated results. Over time, those results will become even more fine-tuned as outcomes are fed into the machine.

Machine learning has many capabilities only limited by the imagination. But why leave it in a dream? OXIO discovered ElectrifAi was the way to a better business strategy, and so can you! Contact us today or click here to try these modelsif you have a dream and want to make it reality.

You have data, we have solutions!

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