Luming Wang
July 8, 2021

Luming Wang, ElectrifAi CTO, Published in EnterpriseAI –Data Scientists: Top 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

ElectrifAi’s CTO, Luming Wang, discusses the topic of data scientists with EnterpriseAI. Specifically, how to avoid the top 4 pitfalls data scientists may face in their career.

When we look at where data science fails, it is usually in communications. Data scientists must be well-versed in statistical analysis but also understand business problems. Being able to communicate with business stakeholders, to speak the language of business, is a crucial skill all data scientists must possess.

Continuing to learn and keeping your skills sharp in this ever-changing field is crucial to not become stagnant and fall behind in your career. Speaking to experts in the field is a great step forward to staying up-to-date and advance your craft, career, and opportunities.

Check out the article in EnterpriseAI to find out what the top 4 pitfalls are. Discover ways to navigate around those pitfalls to have a successful career in data science.

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