July 8, 2021

Looking Back at 2020: ElectrifAi Top Blog Posts

2020 will definitely have its own chapter in history books! The pandemic has changed how we live, work, and play. These changes will forever be embedded in the way the world is run.

Some changes are for the better. Realizing it is possible to work from home and there is now less traffic on the road. Children are now playing more outdoors.

But it has also been for the worse. People have lost their jobs, business have closed, and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Whatever your perspective, good, bad, or somewhere in between, the changes of 2020 have reached every corner of the world. Now, as we approach 2021, we look forward to a better future.

Here at ElectrifAi, we believe artificial intelligence (Ai) and machine learning can work wonders for recovery in 2021! How? Well, take a look at the top 5 articles from 2020 for a look into the wonders of Ai and machine learning.

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ElectrifAi Top 5 Articles from 2020

  1. The Future of AI and ML with Ed Scott, CEO of ElectrifAi
  2. Protect your business against COVID-19 market volatility
  3. 5 Ways a CPO Can Create Organizational Value with AI
  4. Reduce Risk and Limit Exposure with Contract Analytics
  5. Financial Awareness Day: Mitigate financial risk with machine learning

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