July 8, 2021

Leverage Pre-Built Machine Learning (ML) Models to Accelerate Your ML Journey

If you have data you have been saving hoping to eventually get insights from, now is the time to use that data!

How do you do that? Through machine learning (ML).

We know what you’re thinking. Machine learning can take years to implement and you need results now. Well, if you are planning to build machine learning from scratch, just know you can’t press a button and poof you have machine learning.

There is no compression algorithm for experience. You can’t speed up progress if you’re building a model from scratch. There is a significant amount of time, learning, and effort that goes into building models from scratch.

But we have a solution to that problem. ElectrifAi has created a machine learning accelerator program. With this, you can try even just one pre-built machine learning model at a really low cost that, in about a month, can provide amazing results.

The first step is to determine what problem do you want to solve? Less customer churn, more customer engagement, know when a customer will default on a loan and help them before they get to that point, predict errors in claim processing, contract analysis to help the Legal team extract information so they don’t have to go through hundreds of pages of PDFs to find specific information, the list goes on!

There are many examples of how machine learning can help augment our clients’ ingenuity. It can also help do things we never thought we could do.

Take Computer Vision, for example. Computer Vision is something many people write off as too futuristic or science fiction…. But many of these use cases have become science fact.

What if you could analyze video you’re already taking for Quality Assurance (QA) purposes and leverage it to predict and identify patterns in performance, behavior, sentiment analysis, and much more to extract value. Now you can use machine learning to gain even more value and insights from your video.

There are so many machine learning models available that we could list them all and let you find the one that works best for you. But who has time for that? We can help you pick the best solution quickly and accurately.

Here’s our general solution approach:

  • Problem Statement
  • Identify relevant use cases with the client
  • Determine the data landscape
  • Approach and Requirements
  • Leverage ElectrifAi IP and machine learning model library to identify the right model and deliver the best outcomes
  • Integrate with a low code business workflow platform where the business user interfaces with the output
  • Train and deploy ElectrifAi solutions within the customer infrastructure environment
  • Solutions Overview
  • Solution framework: Machine Learning Model Factory
  • Implementation process
  • Solution deployment

How do machine learning models actually work to solve business problems? Through what’s called reinforcement learning.

Your business process can teach the machine learning model how to evolve. Reinforcement learning allows the successful decisions being made within that model to drive evolution in the model itself.

Want to learn more about how this works? What about a deep dive into the benefits and capabilities of ElectrifAi’s machine learning models?

We have created a video series called This Week in Applied Ai that does just that!

What is Applied Ai? Applied Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is the part of Ai for normal people in the real world who want to use Ai to complete real tasks.

We want to help companies leverage the power and capability of Ai and machine learning but not have to go through the process of building it from scratch.

Episode 4 of This Week in Applied Ai shows you how to accelerate your journey to machine learning. In just about a week, we will know how the machine learning model will work with the data you have. And, as we said earlier, in just a month’s time the model will output incredible results.

In this episode, the engaging and fun Noelle Silver, ElectrifAi’s VP of Solutions Architecture, gives a walk-through of ElectrifAi’s pre-built machine learning models on Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Want to work with us directly? Contact us for a custom demo and we can help you determine your specific data landscapes and make better decisions about what data the model needs to be trained on to be successful.

There are many ways to incorporate machine learning benefits into your organization. Take the first step towards a better future and contact ElectrifAi to accelerate your journey and help you along the way!

You have data, we have solutions!

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