September 17, 2021

ElectrifAi Helps Companies Scale Ai

Artificial intelligence (Ai) has evolved from a fledgling technology to something many businesses use to support their goals. From self-driving cars and warehouses using robots to virtual personal assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.) and handwriting-to-text capabilities. Ai is a powerful tool that can be used to solve many complicated problems and reduce the amount of time spent doing manual and repetitive tasks.

Ai is the brain by which machine learning works. Data scientists use machine learning to solve complicated business problems and achieve specific goals. Using the data businesses acquire daily (purchase transactions, customer and supplier interactions, internal processes, etc.), solutions to solve business problems or goals can be achieved.

Machine learning constantly gets better and better because it processes the data and learns from it to continue to evolve. For example, processing invoices manually takes an exorbitant amount of time. Imagine being able to cut down on the amount of time spent processing invoices by using Ai and ML capabilities. And, over time, the machine learning model learns from uncommon data to become even more efficient.

See our blog to learn more about how to prevent invoice fraud and errors using machine learning.

There are so many business problems that can be solved by using machine learning. Reducing spend, optimizing contracts and supplier relationships, engaging customers, creating targeted marketing campaigns, transforming the workforce, the list goes on and on. With so many different use cases for Ai and machine learning, the difficulty lies in scaling it across your entire business. Let’s discuss how ElectrifAi can help with that endeavor.

Scaling Ai

What is scaling Ai? Once you’ve taken the first step towards implementing Ai in your company, scaling Ai is taking it to the next level and expanding upon that initiative. You can have basic Ai capabilities to help your business work more efficiently but to get the most value and potential out of your business, scaling Ai across your company is the way to go.

A full 84% of C-suite executives believe they must leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve their growth objectives. Nearly all C-suite executives view AI as an enabler of their strategic priorities. And an overwhelming majority believe achieving a positive return on AI investments requires scaling across the organization. Yet 76% acknowledge they struggle when it comes to scaling it across the business. What’s more, three out of four C-suite executives believe that if they don’t scale AI in the next five years, they risk going out of business entirely. – Accenture Research Report[1]

Are you not meeting your growth objectives and strategic priorities? Are you struggling to compete with your competition? Research shows that scaling Ai can help reduce your chances of going out business. But are you one of the 76% of C-suite executives who struggle to scale Ai across your entire business? ElectrifAi can help.

Meeting specific business needs

ElectrifAi’s problem-solving experience with flexible algorithms can design a solution that targets your business pain points. Our domain experts are well versed in many industries. We can quickly diagnose the problem and find a solution.

For example, you are trying to fix a house. You have many tools to pick from, but without experience you can’t choose the right tool quickly. Experience allows you to be precise and solve the problem fast. We are the machine learning experts who have pre-built models ready to go or can custom build a model to fit your precise requirements.

Data scientists are only effective if they understand the business problem as well as statistics. Building a model that targets and addresses business requirements is the only way to get the best ROI for your Ai initiatives. Saying you have Ai in your business is great. But unless that Ai actually understands your business, you have wasted time, money and effort.

World’s largest library of machine learning models

How does ElectrifAi stand apart from other machine learning specialty firms? Besides our on-staff data scientists with domain expertise in many verticals, we have over 1,000 models in our machine learning library. And that list continues to grow. We can use a combination of models that work together to achieve the most accurate solutions for countless business problems.

ElectrifAi has been in business since 2004. Over the years, we’ve developed many use cases such as Differentiated Installment Pricing, Missing Charges in Medical Billing, Schedule Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Customer Intent and Sentiment Analysis, Rewards Optimization and Customer Segmentation Analysis, plus many more.

Our use cases can be used in many industries and types of companies. For example, Customer Intent and Sentiment Analysis can be used by any company that has customers. Can you think of any company that would not apply to? Our machine learning models are ready to start working on your data so you can get actionable insights to apply to your business needs.


Scaling Ai across your company is a difficult task to undertake. And there are endless problems that can arise if you attempt to start your own data science team and build your own models. By partnering with a firm specializing in Ai and machine learning, like ElectrifAi, you can be sure to meet those challenges head on.

ElectrifAi has been presented with those challenges many times before. With our domain expertise and experience working with many Fortune 500 companies, you can be sure we have the necessary skills to help you achieve your business goals quickly and efficiently.

Want to find out how we can help you scale Ai across your company? Reach out to us today and we can begin your journey to success.

[1] https://www.accenture.com/us-e...

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