July 6, 2022

ElectrifAi Exhibited at the AI Summit in New York: Event Recap

The AI Summit was hosted in New York City on December 8 – 9, 2021. As the only event globally that focuses exclusively on the impact of artificial intelligence (Ai) in business, we were very excited about exhibiting. We specialize in solving real business problems with our vast library of pre-built machine learning models. For ElectrifAi and our customers, it’s all about time to value.

Companies don’t need more platforms or tools to add to their technology ecosystem. Platforms and tools only enable companies to build their own machine learning models – some of which may never work as intended. Imagine spending months and months, along with a hefty investment, to never gain the actionable insights you sought.  

At the AI Summit, we demonstrated to attendees that our pre-built machine learning models are proven in the real world and have helped companies quickly gain the insights needed to reduce cost and risk or drive substantial revenue. Not only that, but we can significantly accelerate your time to value with a high ROI.  

The AI Summit not only provided us an opportunity to meet new people but to learn new things as well. The opening speech by the AI Summit Chairperson, Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst at Informa Tech, was very enlightening.  

“Companies across the globe are ready to begin operationalizing Ai. But how do they begin? To operationalize Ai, you’re going to have to go outside your company,” said Mark Beccue.

He also addressed some key directives from Omdia’s Global Benchmarking study. According to the study, a significant portion of the market will not internalize Ai capabilities by 2024; but most plan to implement at least some Ai use cases by 2024.  

The study also indicated there are many barriers to Ai adoption, such as 38% of those surveyed indicating lack of qualified in-house personnel/expertise. Other barriers were complexity/integration problems (32%), lack of budget (31%), and unclear return on investment (ROI) (26%).  

These results explain a lot as to why many companies do not scale Ai across the enterprise; they simply don’t have the resources or budget to do so in-house. So why not look outside your company? The solutions you need are within your grasp, but you wouldn’t know it unless you spoke with companies who specialize in Ai that can help implement it in your company.  

ElectrifAi’s differentiator from other Ai companies is our experienced data scientists on staff who are adept at recognizing business pain points and providing the most accurate machine learning solutions to quickly address those problems. Our domain expertise cover banking, telco, insurance, healthcare, retail, energy, construction, and many others.

Our large library of pre-built machine learning models also set us apart. Take a look at our offerings on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace to see some of the models that have been proven in the real world to provide actionable solutions.  

We can help you overcome those barriers to adopting Ai. Not only are our data scientists able to solve the problem of finding qualified in-house personnel/expertise, but by partnering with us you don’t have to have any knowledge of Ai or machine learning. We do all the heavy lifting for you. And a lack of budget is not a problem – we can get you started with Ai for less than the cost of an annual data scientist’s salary.  

ElectrifAi clients have a clear ROI target. You can understand the clear goals and objectives that our machine learning models can do for your company, including the estimated ROI. And we’ve had a steady success rate with a very high ROI for our clients!  

If you missed us at the AI Summit in New York, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today to schedule your custom demo and learn how your data can begin working for you.  

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